Larry Graham

1951 Regional Championship Trophy
Beech Bend Park, Bowling Green, KY

1951 Regional Championship Trophy (Owner's Trophy)
Beech Bend Park, Bowling Green, KY

Trophy Presentation
Left to Right: Unknown, Latt Upton, Dottye Nuckols (Miss Kentucky), Larry Graham, and Wayne Norris
Photo courtesy of Wayne Guy

1951 Championship Dinner
Photo courtesy of Marshall Love, Jr.

1951 Championship Race - Latt Upton's Pit Pass & Betty Upton's grandstand seat ticket...

Kentucky Regional Championship Stock Car Race
Beech Bend Park
Bowling Green, Kentucky
Sponsored by the
Bowling Green Sporting Association
October 21, 1951

The championship race was broadcast live by local AM Radio Station WLBJ. Les Williams, an announcer for the station, was the narrator. A few days after the race, the last two laps, the trophy presentation, and interviews were pressed onto a 78 rpm record, the source of this transcript. The entire recorded narration is overlaid with the roar of race car engines and the voice of the track announcer, calling the race for the fans in the grandstands.

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“Yonder went F5 right off the track. Wayne Guy’s still in first place, his right front tire is flat. Now he is being passed by Larry Graham. There goes Larry Graham taking over first place, Wayne Guy is in second place now, Bill Burkle is in third place, A. W. Nolan is in fourth place, and it’s still Elmo Guy I believe in fifth place. Wayne’s having a time out here. Bill Burkle passes him. There goes A. W. Nolan passing him. So now we have Larry Graham out in front. We’re coming into the last lap now, too. Larry Graham is in first place, Bill Burkle it looks like in second place, A. W. Nolan is in third place, Wayne Guy is in fourth, Elmo Guy is in fifth. But other than that, we just can’t tell what is what. There went your winner (roar of engine going past). Just as soon as the judges get together, we’ll give you a complete lineup on how these 6 place winners are. Just as we turned our microphone off, over yonder, car number 5, the race is all over, but car number 5 was coming into the far turn up yonder, the pit end. He’s OK! That was number 5, driven by Louis Martin, Jr., took a bad spill up yonder, and, uh, turned over, and steam exploded everywhere, and for a few minutes there we couldn’t tell just what was what. But the boy’s out of the car! and he’s alright.

“Here are your winners: Number 22 driven by Larry Graham for Upton’s Garage came in first place, number 2 driven by Bill Burkle for Petrie Implement Company was your second place winner, P-38 driven by A. W. Nolan for Causey-Reynolds was third place winner, 25 driven by Wayne Guy who came in with a flat tire for fourth place, number 7-11 driven by his brother, Elmo Guy,who ran the last 5 laps with a flat tire, came in in fifth place, number 23 driven by Ralph Martin for Cliff Goad came in, uh, in sixth place.

“Right now, ladies and gentlemen, we’re going to have the presentation of the trophies here in this feature race this afternoon. Right now there are down here on the track just in front of the judges’ stand making the presentation of the trophy and taking the pictures giving Miss Dottie Knuckles, Miss Kentucky, is presenting the trophy to the winning driver and the flag to Larry Graham and to the owner of the car, Lattney Upton, who was the fellow that was responsible for keeping that car in the race all this season.

“Friends, today marks the final day of stock car racing at Beech Bend Park this year. Looks like it’s going to come up a little rain now, and it may keep us from even having the Consolation Race this afternoon. Can’t tell just yet what’s going to happen there. It’s been a great pleasure bringing these stock car races to you. We hope that you’ve enjoyed these broadcasts of them. If you have, we hope that you’ll go out on Louisville Road at Baker Hill to Mayhugh & McReynolds, our sponsors of these broadcasts and tell them how much you’ve enjoyed the stock car races this season. Mayhugh & McReynolds have found it a great pleasure to bring you these races. You know they’re located on Baker Hill on Louisville Road at Baker Hill. They are your headquarters for Willys Jeeps, station wagons and trucks, all kinds of Ferguson tractors and equipment, and Kaiser-Frasier automobiles. And remember that they have on display right now that new T-030 Massey-Ferguson tractor. That is the tractor that you just must see because this is the tractor that will answer all your needs in the way of tractor equipment. And too, Mayhugh & McReynolds maintains a well-equipped and well-staffed shop to give you expert work on your car, truck, or farm equipment. You can always rely on Mayhugh & McReynolds on Louisville Road at Baker Hill.

“And now to climax this afternoon’s broadcast it’s our good fortune to have right up here at the microphone the driver of this winning car this afternoon who is our Regional Champion. Ladies and gentlemen, I want to introduce to you, Larry Graham.”

Graham: “Well, it was a pretty rough race there, but I had a lot of good luck.” 

Announcer: “You did a lot of good driving in there too, Larry.” 

Graham: “Well, thank you.” 

Announcer: “You’ve done a lot of good driving all season, I’ve been watching you all season, and you’ve been doing a wonderful job out there, and you earned this title of Regional Champion this afternoon. Sure glad to be able to congratulate you on your expert driving out there today.” 

Graham: “Well, thank you a lot.” 

Announcer: “You bet. Now I want to introduce to you the owner of this championship car, Lattney Upton, Hello, Lattney.”

Upton: “Hello, folks.”

Announcer: “This is a mighty fine thrill to have a car that’s the winner, isn’t it?”

Upton: “It’s the thrill of a lifetime.”

Announcer: “Especially the one that is the Regional Championship winner of this season’s stock car races.”

Upton: “It sure is.”

Announcer: “And I know you’ll be back in with us again next year, you and Larry will be back with us next year.”

Upton: “We hope to be.”

Announcer: “With an even bigger and better car.”

Upton: “That’s right.”

Announcer: “By the way, that car that you won that you won that race with today, that is a Dodge car with a Cadillac motor, isn’t it?”

Upton: “That’s right.”

Announcer: “And it sure has been a mighty fine car. It’s shown mighty good performance all season.”

Upton: “I have a mighty good driver, too.”

Announcer: “You certainly do. And Larry is a mighty fine boy along with it. Thanks a million for coming up and being with us.

“Friends, That’s all for today. That’s the way we’re going to conclude our 1951 season of stock car racing. Until next year, then, this is Les Williams saying it’s been a great pleasure to bring these stock car races to you through the courtesy of our good friends Mayhugh & McReynolds Motor Company on Louisville Road at Baker Hill.”


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