Hugh Porter Causey

Hugh Causey was born on December 11, 1925, in Hadley, Kentucky. He was always interested in cars and opened his own garage in Bowling Green at age 19. He was part of a group of car lovers that began to trek to Daytona Beach, Florida in the late 1940’s as stock car racing began to find an audience. He was also a regular at the Indianapolis 500.

As stock car racing began to take hold in towns surrounding Bowling Green, Causey decided to build his own car. He believes it was the first stock car built in Bowling Green.

Charley Garvin, owner of Beech Bend Park, was a natural born promoter. He was also following the growing interest in stock car racing. Charley called Hugh and asked him to help put together a group that would build stock cars and support a local track at Beech Bend. Causey agreed inasmuch as Garvin offered to reimburse him for any out of pocket expenses. Soon Causey was running ads on radio and newspaper inviting interested parties to contact him. He was also using his own extensive network of mechanics and car lovers to help him. According to Causey, “Pretty soon it seemed like everybody in town was building a racecar.”

Causey built several cars with local boys such as Tommy Smith, Marshall Love, Jr., Wayne Norris, and Jimmy Belcher driving at different times. While Hugh never had an interest in driving a car, he worked as an organizer at the track from 1951 until it closed in 1960. Causey served as the Pit Steward. Today he owns the tractor and fire truck that served the track in those early days. Hugh Porter Causey resides in Bowling Green and continues to run his business.

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